Stars of Irish Dancing in the south head to World Championships in Dublin


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Twenty three champion Irish dancers from  Georgia and Florida head to Dublin for the 41 st world Irish dance championships to be held at CityWest hotel, Saggart , Dublin. Karl Drake, the head of the dancing school will be blogging for from the championships.

The Irish Dance word championships event starts 17th April and runs thru 23 April .

Karl Drake left Dublin 26 yrs ago to follow his dream of opening an Irish dance studio in the statesvand now he brings these dancers back home for the Olympics of Irish dance.

The dancers qualified at their regional event back in December and have been training hard ever since .
 Drake now has Irish dance studios all over the southern states and Mexico  and has just returned from Beijing, China where the first Irish dance studio is in the works.

One of his star performers is Catie Foley who  will compete in the u-19 ladies championship  at the World Irish dance championships at City West Dublin, Catie currently is ranked 9th in the world and is the  southern regional Irish dance champion.

 Catie has been dancing with Drake since she was 5 and  has travelled to Ireland over 10 times for dance competitions.

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Read more: World Irish Dance championships to be held in Dublin - VIDEO