Roundup of the latest and greatest Irish books


$19.95 / 591 pages / Wake Forest University Press


"Painting Rain" by Paula Meehan

Also new from Wake Forest (which specializes in Irish poetry) is Paula Meehan’s “Painting Rain,” a collection rich with imagery of both the lush beauty and danger of nature. The Wolf Tree reads at one point, “Imagine the field you might survey / before the wolf tree’s unleaving / like the hours of your life / finds you shivering, naked, unmasked and old.” 

$11.95 / 100 pages / Wake Forest University Press



"Ireland Then and Now" 

An interesting little book which doesn’t quite convey the stark changes that have transformed Ireland in the past decade and a half, but nevertheless presents wonderful portraits, is “Ireland Then and Now.” Compiled by Irish American Victoria Murphy, the photos span all of the regions of Ireland, and contain famous structures such as the Blarney Castle and the O’Connell statue in Dublin, as well as lesser known buildings and landscape scenes. It might have helped if it was made clear when exactly all of the older portraits were taken. Still, “Ireland Then and Now” is a fine book to page through.

$37.95 / 192 pages / Mercier Press-Dufour