Rince Diabhal, Duke's "Dancing Devils" show there's no reason to give up Irish dancing in college- VIDEO


Rince Diabhal adult Irish dancers
Photo: courtesy Kyla Casey

"Full inclusion, but no requirements," is the dance club's motto, meaning that all members are invited to perform if they feel comfortable but are never required.

Coach Tisdale encourages all adults to try Irish dancing: "We invite anyone with an interest in Irish Dance and Culture to check out a school or a club in your area. You will find amazing people and unlock talents you didn't even know you had!"


Irish/Indian fusion by Rince Diahbal
Photo: Flickr/RinceDiahbal

For more information about the Rince Diabhal dancers, please visit them on the Rince Diabhal website.

Readers: Do you attend a collegiate Irish dance club? Does the option of having an Irish dance program influence your decision when choosing a college?

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