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It’s great to have the popular success, but it is equally great to have music aficionados love what you do as well. 

What was the behind the decision to wait for three months before you release the new album here in the U.S.? U.K. fans are already buying it.

For us right now, “Breakeven” is still doing massively well on radio.  We don’t want to compete with our own stuff.  We are an Irish band and are mindful of those acts that abandon the U.K. fans to make it in America.

We are trying to serve fans on both sides of the Atlantic. The album got done just in time for our U.K. tour and that worked out well.

For us, having a U.K. fan base and nurturing is important, and we had to release something there now because they got into the first album before America caught on. And it’s still catching on over here. 

How so?

We’re a slow burner. This has been a slow and steady build. We are so excited to have an extensive tour -- not just New York and the East Coast. This is what it takes to break a band in America.

We are right on the cusp of breaking the album. There is still a groundswell of music. None of us came from a reality show. We earned fans one person at a time and continue to do it.

Being a songwriter and producer, I knew when “Man” and “Breakeven” seemed pretty good inroads. We never thought of “Rusty Halo” as a single because it wouldn’t be a good intro.

As you recorded the second album, were you mindful of the pressure to put something out that would avoid that dreaded sophomore slump?

We didn’t think of anything about that.  We put the kettle on and started to think about what we wanted to do next.  The difficult album was really the first one -- what sound do you want? What do we want the band to be?

On the second one, you can build based on what you know what works and what doesn’t.  It took us four months to write the second album, which is a testament to our confidence as a band.

Wow. Four months to write an album! Did you have any leftovers from the last one to help you out?

We are trying to top every song we write with the next one that comes after it, so we didn’t use anything from the first album for that reason.

Has fame changed you or the dynamic of the band? I remember McCartney saying he and John Lennon were the only ones that really knew what it was like to have this measure of songwriting success, and that forged a bond between them.

It’s funny, we all feel the same. It is extraordinary. We think it’s business as usual. We don’t hold it as sacred as John and Paul.
There are plenty of people that know what it is like to be in the band. The songwriting dynamic in this band, what it takes to make a Script song, is unique.

Are you personally involved in your web marketing and social networking on sites like Facebook?

Totally. Show business is a business!  Every band has to be involved on the web side of the marketing of your band. If you’re not on board, you will be left behind.

Look at what happened to the music business -- companies were not willing to change with the times and now look at them. We will not make that mistake.

How do you feel about illegal downloading?

The analysis of a downloader and its place in the music business should prove that those people have their place and play an important role. People who share mixed tapes is not a new phenomenon, and file sharers are similar.

You need these people to spread the word: you want those people showing 10 of their friends because they like to be first. They then create awareness to 12 people that wouldn’t have known about it.

We started become less precious about it. We do live feeds on Twitter, show live shows, show backstage banter. When you are on tour, why not?

People love to see real people. The paparazzo doesn’t have much power anymore if you put it all out there. You took power away from the people who never should have had it in the first place!

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