Only the lonely, loveless, mad, eccentric and embittered - Cillian Murphy in ‘Misterman’


“The Black Box in Galway is a massive space and even the walk up to it is interesting. It’s located beside a river and its quite spooky. I thought all of that suited the play.”

The thing about working with a friend of yours when you start, you immediately have a trust there and a shared history, Murphy says, discussing their collaborate process.

“We were just able to talk very openly and honestly about the work and what we wanted to do with it. Before we had even sat down in the rehearsal room Enda had rewritten quite extensively, putting in a whole new beginning. He had framed it in quite a different place,” Murphy says.

Walsh says his work works best if he imagines his characters actually exist. He has to think about them logically and think about what they have done.


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How long have they been living there and where does they come from and where is this town? What’s their relationship with this space and the outside world?

“I’m always interested in characters who have locked themselves away from the outside world and are trying to untangle themselves from that,” says Walsh.

“It’s either possible for them or it’s too deep rooted. Thomas can’t back away or find solace or reinvent the person he has been all these years. He’s a completely troubled, strange individual who’s trying to find peace and someone to love.

“But you feel as if he’s at his last refuge or last couple of hours, and if he doesn’t balance the books soon he’ll expire or something. You feel as if you’re in the presence of this deranged but focused brilliant person. And at times you feel as if you’re in his head. You’re seeing the world from his point of view.”

Misterman is now playing at the St. Ann’s Warehouse theatre in Brooklyn.

Here's the promotional video from the Galway Arts Festival this summer: