"My Brothers," a road trip in every sense of the word


Actor Timmy Creed, at 17 the oldest and also the most accomplished actor of the three lads, knew he’d be a shoe-in for the role when he was asked if had a driver’s license (his character steals a van for the road trip). For Creed the biggest challenge facing all three first time actors was becoming comfortable in front of the cameras.

“Paul told us to relax into our characters as much as we could and not be bothered by the crew and the lights,” says Creed.

“After a few days we got used to it. It just seemed to flow from there. There was lots of improvisation and rehearsals before the shoot and we relied on them too.”

None of the three boys look like each other at all, but their performances make you believe they’re brothers. All the bickering and leg pulling and laughter are totally convincing.

Fraser turns on the camera and records it all, and that gives My Brothers its unexpected depth.

And just how important is a Tribeca Film Festival launch for producers and distributors? Well, just witness the extended travel arrangements that My Brothers producers Rebecca O’Flanagan and Robert Walpole (the producers of last year’s "The Eclipse") made to get it here on time.

Fearing that the volcano eruption in Iceland would prevent them from flying over in time for the opening night, the intrepid pair planned a trip that would have made the great explorers of the 19th century think twice.

“The producers actually drove to the ferry port in Dublin and got on the ferry to Wales, then they drove the 400 miles to the south coast of England where they got the ferry across to France,” says Fraser.

“In France they drove all the way to the one airport in Spain that was flying to South America. There they flew to Bogota, Colombia and then to Florida, and then to New York. They wanted to be sure to get here for the film’s opening, and they brought the final edit of the film so they didn’t want to miss the slot.”

That’s how important a showing at the Tribeca Film Festival is. Their epic journey actually made The New York Post last week.

Thankfully the air cleared and flights were finally permitted to take off, allowing the Irish cast to attend the opening night, which was held last Friday.

"My Brothers" is currently playing at the festival. It’s worth a similar effort on your own part to see it. Visit www.tribecafilm.com.