Michael Flatley 'Lord of the Dance' goes 3D for new dance movie - VIDEO


“I think it has grounded me a little bit.  Everything I do now is with him in mind,” he told the Irish Voice.
When asked if Michael Junior will be a dancer, the star coyly answers, “I don’t know, it’s up to his mother!”

The family split their time between their London and Cork homes and it’s clear that Flatley’s affinity to Ireland is unwavering as always.

Conscious of the current downturn at home in Ireland, he says that tourism can do a lot to kick-start the economy.

“My job and your job as being Irish in America is to try and convince everybody we can to go home to Ireland now, just go home,” he says.

“If you have never been there before just go home for the first time, and if you have been there before then go home and enjoy it with us.

“Ireland is the last stone unturned. It is the most beautiful country in the world. It’s time to invite everybody back home now.”

As far as advice for Ireland’s new Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Enda Kenny, Flatley says that the Irish need to get behind their new leader.

“Enda is a good guy, a very capable man, we needed a change, and we needed something new,” he says.

 “Let’s get back and renegotiate that deal (with the International Monetary Fund), and let’s get on with it. Whatever it is, let’s all be positive, see the end result and pull together.

 “I would implore the Irish media to stop with all the negativity and let’s have a little balance. We need some positivity in that country right now, people need to have hope. You cannot saddle the Irish community with all of this and the negativity too.

“We have got to believe in the future. There are good things coming,”

Lord of the Dance 3D opens nationwide in the U.S. for one week only from St. Patrick’s Day.

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