Judd Apatow’s 'This is 40' - Give $10 to the homeless rather than wasting your time - VIDEO


How strapped could they actually be, I wondered, if Tom Ford himself would have given them a thumbs up for style? 

I don't doubt that people who are white and rich and beautiful have problems occasionally. I'm sure even Apatow has occasionally shed a tear. I just wish they had even a dim sense of their connection to the wider world and to the struggling nation instead of just their top drawer zip code. 

Wherever Rudd and Mann walk in the film wait staff and high end thread counts follow them like magic. It's annoying to begin with and repulsive by the end.

It depresses me to write that Melissa McCarthy, an Irish American comic genius, also makes an appearance and that she fights valiantly to inject a bit of fun into this leaden, witless fiasco. But all her efforts vanish right in front of her eyes as she's played off against the two charmless, hard to care about leads. 

Making the implicit explicit, Apatow has cast his wife and actual children in the roles of Rudd's wife and children. This leads to clued-in audiences asking themselves, is this film fact or is this fiction? 

Does Rudd (meaning Apatow) really bail out his endlessly mooching father? Does Mann (meaning Apatow's actual wife) really talk to her daughters like that, or is this a dramatic fantasy? 

Is there any reason to give a traveler’s curse about these overprivliged, grass fed organic eating, Pre-Raphealite salon going characters? 

The message I got from This Is 40 is that, on balance, Apatow has done very nicely for himself. His film apparently holds a mirror up to his largely incident-less life, and it resolves that he's done rather well. 

You can pay $10 to help him out further, or you could perhaps donate it to the local homeless shelter. Decide for yourself which one needs your help more.

Check out the trailer for This is 40: