Damian McGinty explains how he cracked the cast of ‘Glee’


“No one may be able to understand me but that will be all part of it,” he joked.

Describing his experience on the reality show as “incredible,” McGinty said that although it changed his life and matured him so much as a performer he “wouldn’t do it again for love nor money.”

“It literally took me weeks when I got home to get back to normality. It takes its toll all that work so back home when I had free time I used to say to myself ‘There must be something I have to do today’.”

McGinty, who won the judges over on Sunday’s show with his rendition of “Somewhere Beyond The Sea,” was very young when he got into performing. At the age of six he won his first music competition and continued winning the hearts and souls of those he came into contact with. A CD he recorded in 2007 fell into the hands of Celtic Thunder producer Sharon Browne and music director Phil Coulter.

“I can’t say enough about Sharon and Phil. They really catapulted me to where I am today. Celtic Thunder took me under their wing, thought me experience and groomed me for who I am today,” said the young heartthrob.

Since he was cast onto the show McGinty has performed in front of 400,000 people and appeared on public television on several occasions, mainly in the U.S.

The wonder boy has recently had to resign from Celtic Thunder due to the enormous commitment he is about to undergo in Hollywood.

“It’s so bittersweet for me to leave Celtic Thunder,” said McGinty.



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“It has been an incredible experience in life and I’m so grateful for it but it’s just one of those situations now.”

Although The Glee Project wasn’t all smooth sailing for the young man – “I just about got my O2 visa sorted at the last second,” – he won over the judges on the show, week after week and no doubt Glee fans all over the world will fall head over heels for this Derry boy, who said “no comment” when asked if he had a girlfriend.

McGinty and Larson are scheduled to meet with Ryan Murphy this week to find out when they are due to appear on the show.

“We know nothing yet but we are very excited,” said McGinty.

“I will be cast for seven episodes but all going well the aim is to end up with a full time role on the show.”

Glee starts back on FOX on September 20. Watch out for this young Irishman.