Irish news ‘Anchorman’ style blooper featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live – VIDEO


Irish news anchor Aengus MacGrianna created a stir both sides of the pond this week, when the camera cut to RTE newscaster while he was powdering his nose, in a true life Ron Burgundy moment.

The funny blooper even caught the attention of Irish American talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, who featured the clip on his show on Thursday night.

“Aengus is the winner of tonight’s international edition of ‘Excellence in Reporting’” Kimmel told a live audience, before playing the viral clip.

The 29-second clip of MacGrianna applying makeup and fixing his tie was posted on YouTube earlier this week and went viral overnight. The realization on his face that he is live on air is priceless, before he simply utters the word “what?”.

In less than 12 hours the clip was watched almost 100,000 times. The state broadcaster later stepped in and removed the original clip.

“Our first concern was for Aengus. It wasn’t his fault, it was a technical error and it was totally unexpected. Before we even spoke to him, we went to YouTube and asked for the link to our footage to be taken down,” a spokeswoman told The Irish Times.

Responding to his new-found fame, MacGrianna told the Irish Times it was was "simply one of the hazards of the trade."