Irish American Olivia Wilde has confirmed she’s quitting Hugh Laurie’s ‘House MD’


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Olivia Wilde who plays Dr Remy “Thirteen” Hadley is saying goodbye to “House MD” after four years. This Monday’s episode “Charity Case” will be her last.

Speaking to E! she said “There’s a few good reasons for [Thirteen] not to be working anymore as a doctor. She’s had a disease for a number of years and she doesn’t necessarily have that many years left. At this point she’s struggling with that dilemma. But of course it’s always up to House. No matter how much he drives them crazy, he’s still the most compelling and dynamic person to work for. And ultimately, it’s resolved for her.”

Hugh Laurie, who plays the leading role of Dr Gregory House said the cast were sad to see her leave. He told Inside Pulse “There is a great sadness that Olivia is leaving us and moving on. Although it never came as any great surprise to anybody. Olivia was like a gunpowder fuse that was lit 15 years ago. [She] is a real delight to be around and we will miss her very, very much. She’s obviously headed for great things.”

PHOTOS - Olivia Wilde Photo Gallery