Irish actress Kerry Condon on 'The Shore' Oscar success


The message of Luck, Condon says, is that horse riding can change your whole life, and it’s one of the strongest themes in the show.

“My character is sort of proof of that idea in motion. It’s hard for me to see the show outside of my experience of it, because I feel like I’m deeply inside it at the moment,” she says.

“I can only say my thing is the sheer delight in horse racing, because for me that part is really great.”

Meanwhile, she reveals it felt like a holiday shooting the Oscar winning The Shore with Terry George, who she had always wanted to work with.

“When he finally had a job for me I was busy doing Luck. Then he said, ‘I’m doing this little thing over the summer, do you want to be in it?’ I love short films because I think they can be such a cute art form and I immediately said yes.

“I was thrilled to be in it. I’d never stayed in that part of Ireland before and I have to say it’s bloody gorgeous. Watching the sun come up in Down is so magical!”

Kerry also knew actor Ciaran Hinds from their work together on the HBO hit Rome, and so working with him again on George’s project was both fun and relaxing, she confesses.

“It was a really relaxed shoot over just six days with the sun breaking the stones every single day.


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How often do you get two good days in a row in Ireland? We got the whole of the shoot! And I never thought the film would do so well!”

“Ciaran is great to work with,” she adds. “He’s very present to the other actors the entire time so you can really trust him. I like watching him and being around him as an actor. He comes across as very relaxed on set – he might not be in his head, but to look at him that’s the impression that you get and I was grateful for it.”

Another recent major credit on Condon’s list is This Must Be the Place, a critically admired flick where she spends screen time with Sean Penn.

“The experience was incredible and I really wanted that part so badly,” she confesses. “I had so many emotional scenes to do in the film. The character I played was so sad though, I felt sorry for her.”  The film, which also stars Bono’s daughter Eve Hewson, will open later this year.

Currently Condon is filming the second season of Luck, and then there are a couple of other movies she’s assigned to, but right now all of her focus is on Luck until November.

“I’ll try to focus on that for the time being and maybe after it I’ll focus on becoming a jockey!” she laughs.

HBO's "Luck" trailer:

Here's the trailer for "The Shore":