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SEE PHOTO - Ireland's most popular celebrities

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A recent Irish TV show, “Irish Celebrities: who is most popular?”, made by TV3, took at a look at the homegrown celebrities the Irish public would most like to invite over for dinner.

Top of the list was Irish sporting legend Brian O’Driscoll. The man who had the country declaring “In B.O.D. we trust", the Irish rugby team’s captain is the man that most Irish people would like to sit down and have a chat with.

This isn’t surprising as Mr O’Driscoll has been putting himself on the line for Ireland for the past decade and has earned himself the reputation of being funny, down-to-earth and charming.

In second place is a man considered to be the founder of Irish radio, Gay Byrne. Byrne started presenting “The Late Late Show” on TV in 1962 having worked on radio previously. Affectionately known as Uncle Gay to the Irish nation he is still a presence on the radio in homes around the country.

News presenter Ann Doyle came in third place. Doyle has been reading the news on RTE since the late seventies. Her ice-cold demeanor and style has made her a bit of a icon in Ireland.

Boyzone member, actor, charity activist and all round nice guy Keith Duffy nabbed the fourth slot. While surprisingly BBC stalworth Terry Wogan came in at fifth place even though he has lived in Britain for decades. This silver voiced radioman and TV presenter has always held on to his Irish wry wit which makes him one of the most popular presenters of all time in Britain and at home.

Others who made the cut were Nicky Byrne, band member from Westlife, star of “The Way Back” and “Lovely Bones” Saorise Ronan, Eurovision star, UNICEF ambassador and puppet Dustin the Turkey and of course national treasure sports pundit and radio host George Hook.

Which Irish celebrity would you like to have over for dinner?

SEE PHOTO - Ireland's most popular celebrities

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