Ireland celebrates Michelle Obama in advance of Presidential visit


N is for Non-profit organisation. When she worked for the Chicago Office of Public Allies her fundraising efforts set records. Twelve years later and nobody has since raised as much money for this non-profit organisation as Michelle has.

O is for Obama. She's been an Obama since 1992 but Michelle's maiden name is Robinson and she can trace her roots all the way back to her great-great-grandfather, Jim Robinson, who was a slave in South Carolina before the Civil War.

P is for Presidential visit. The First Family make their first visit to Ireland n May and wherever Barack goes Michelle will be there by his side.

Q is for Quitting. Long used to seeing the wives of politicians coming second to their careers, Michelle made some strict demands on Barack when he first entered politics. She also made him promise to quit smoking when he told her he was running for the Presidency. Recently Obama announced he has been tobacco free for a whole year.

R is for Race So-called "birthers" have questioned the validity of Obama's American nationality and thus his right to hold the highest office in the land. Michelle hasn't dignified the charges with a response but she herself has been the subject of racist caricature. She's had an image of an ape's face superimposed on her own on the internet, seen the New Yorker magazine portray her a militant Black Panther, and in one internet posting about the Obama's upcoming state visit to the UK, a concerned American citizen wrote, "I hope Queen Elizabeth has someone keep an eye on the silverware and bath towels."

S is for Sasha. Sasha is the Obama's nine-year-old daughter and she lists "soccer, dance and drama" as her interests. Like their mother, both Malia is a keen piano player.

T is for Toned arms. Michelle's Amazonian figure has made her the perfect clothes horse but the world did a double take when she revealed what a great set arms she has when she began wearing sleeveless dresses at official engagements.

U is for Unforgettable. Michelle and Obama's first dance at their wedding was to Unforgettable by Nat King Cole. Their first date was a trip to the cinema to see Do The Right Thing, the Spike Lee movie set in Harlem.

V is for Vendetta. The vendettas waged against Michelle range from the very serious to the plain silly. Death threats against her husband are an obvious example but she has also been accused of "killing" Captain Crunch, the sugary cereal beloved of American kids, with her anti-obesity campaign.

W is for Warmth Rating. This particularly American-sounding barometer of popularity recently rated Michelle at 60.1 degrees out of 100. Her husband was fourth at 56.5 and over-baked Alaskan Sarah Palin was at 38.2.

X is for well, X. Displays of public affection between President and First Lady are a relatively rare thing but the Obamas can be seen canoodling and kissing on a frequent basis.
Y is for Yes she can!

Z is for Z. As in Jay Z. Michelle and Barack are the political power couple in the US and Beyonce and Jay Z are very much the pop power couple. Jay Z and Beyonce both played at Obama's inauguration and have been known to drop into the White House on visits. Beyonce is also involved in Michelle's Let's Move anti-obesity programme.