Top ten Irish moments of all time at the Academy Awards - VIDEOS

Daniel Day-Lewis accepts the Academy Award for Best Actor during the 80th Annual Academy Awards 2008.

Ireland and Irish themes have long been part of the Academy Awards, which will be held for the 84th time on February 26th this year.

This year, the nominations list is again rife with Irish themes and actors. Glenn Close and Janet McTeer are nominated for their roles in ‘Albert Nobbs,’ a story about a woman living as a man in 19th century Dublin.

Rooney Mara, is nominated for her role in ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.’ Northern Irish actor Kenneth Branagh is nominated for his role in ‘My Week with Marilyn.’

There are two Irish films nominated for Best Short Film as well - ‘The Shore’ and ‘Pentecost.’

Here are IrishCentral’s top ten Irish moments at the Academy Awards in the past.

Will 2012 bring more favorite Irish moments at the Oscars? Tune in on February 26th to see!

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Peter O'Toole

Peter O’Toole, born in Connemara, rose to international stardom when he played the lead role in Lawrence of Arabia in 1962.

Despite being nominated for 8 Oscars in the Best Lead Actor category, he has never won one - making him the titleholder for that record. However, in 2003, the Academy honored him with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Peter O’Toole receiving his Lifetime Achievement Award:

Liam Neeson

Antrim native Neeson was nominated for Best Lead Actor for his role in 1993’s ‘Schindler’s List.’ Though Neeson didn’t win, the film scooped up seven Oscars in 1994.

Trailer for ‘Schindler’s List’:

Stephen Rea

Belfast born Rea is yet another Irish actor to be nominated for the Best Lead Actor Academy Award, but didn’t win it.

In 1993, he was nominated for his role in ‘The Crying Game,’ a film about the IRA, which won at that year’s Oscar’s for Best Writing.

Trailer for ‘The Crying Game’:

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Richard Harris

Harris, born in Limerick, was nominated for two Oscars - one in 1964 for ‘This Sporting Life’, and one in 1991 for ‘The Field.’ He didn’t win either time though.

A segment on Richard Harris and his role in ‘The Field’:

Barry Fitzgerald

Finally, an Irishman who won at Oscar!

Barry Fitzgerald was born in Dublin in 1888. In 1945 he won the Best Actor in a Supporting Role for his role in ‘Going My Way.’ He was also nominated for the same film for Best Actor in a Leading Role, the first time an actor achieved that feat.

Oscar rulings have since changed to prevent the same actor for being nominated for those two awards from the same film. ‘Going My Way’ won an impressive seven Oscars in 1944.

Trailer for ‘Going My Way’:

Daniel Day-Lewis

Though born in England, Day-Lewis holds dual citizenship between the UK and Ireland and currently calls Co Wicklow home.

This talented actor has won three Oscars during his career. In 1990, he won Best Actor for ‘My Left Foot,’ in 2003 for Best Actor in ‘Gangs of New York,’ and in 2007 for Best Actor again in ‘There Will Be Blood.’ In 1994, he was nominated but did not win for his role in ‘In the Name of the Father.’

‘My Left Foot’ trailer:

Brenda Fricker

Born in 1945 in Dublin, Fricker has a career that has spanned decades.

In 1990, she won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for ‘My Left Foot,’ for which fellow Irishman Daniel Day-Lewis was also nominated and won.

Here, a scene from ‘My Left Foot’ with Brenda Fricker and Daniel Day Lewis:

Jim Sheridan

Dublin born Jim Sheridan has made several films that revolve around the Irish experience. Three of his films, ‘My Left Foot,’ ‘In the Name of the Father,’ and ‘In America,’ were all nominated for Oscars, but didn’t win any big awards.

Brenda Fricker and Daniel Day-Lewis, however, were under his directing for their wins from ‘My Left Foot.’ Trailer for ‘In the Name of the Father’: