Gutter a good place for Haggis


Thanks! “Murphy’s Ashes” is pretty written out beforehand in terms of the melody, and then the band improvises on. It is an intense, heavy tune that people like to play live.


Did you road test any of these songs before recording the album?

We did that more with an album like "Soapbox Heroes" where we toured for a few months and tried some things out. We did debut a few songs live, but most of these were done fresh in the studio.


How has the album been received? 

We have been bouncing around the Top 10 World Music charts on iTunes since the last album came out. Apple is great about supporting new independent music, so we have no complaints.

How has the economy affected the band? Some folks report that the downturn is good for live music because people want to escape a bit. Is that what you are finding?

Some of the vendors tell us that things are bad. The Canadian dollar is falling against the American dollar, which helps us when we bring the dollars back home here. The price of gas is a huge help to us with it falling.

We have actually been seeing better crowds lately because I think people want to escape the fiscal woes. When people pay $80 or $90 for a weekend pass, it will be interesting.


"Gutter Anthems" can be found on iTunes through United for Opportunity Records. They will be playing the Warehouse in Hartford, Connecticut on April 16. For more information, log onto