Gifted Irish playwright has arrived Gary Duggan’s “Daedlus Lounge” hits Broadway


“Anthony suggested writing original music for the play and that worked out pretty amazingly,” says Duggan.

“There are three new songs now as part of the production. In the play it’s part of Danny’s fantasy life, but it’s not at all light stuff – it goes to particularly dark places.”

Working with an exclusively American cast playing Irish roles (very well, as it turns out) has made the show a strange hybrid, Duggan says.

“It’s very Irish in terms of its language, but there’s a universality to it too because it’s about three friends in the city having a rough Christmas and you could relate to that in America or anywhere,” says Duggan.

Dedalus Lounge is now through January 30 at the Interart Theatre Annex, 500 West 52nd Street, New York.  Call 1-800-838-3006.