Four easy ways dancers and parents can show they’re good sports at competition


Parent pointers: Remind your child to be pleasant and let them know that every dancer has their day. It’s easy to feed off the body language and attitude of others, so remaining calm will help your dancer do the same.

Keep working. Dancing is an ongoing journey of uncertainty. You might win a competition one weekend and not place the next. Keeping a tirelessly mindset of always wanting to improve will keep you going.

Dancer dos: There’s always room for tweaking—in your dancing and your outlook. You didn’t dance as well as you wanted? Channel your frustration into working an extra hour next week perfecting your steps. You’re on a winning streak? Take that natural high of success to push yourself that much further on trying to stay on top.

Parent pointers: Keep thinking of ways to keep your child interested and inspired. Let them show you new steps or moves and get excited for them. Remember, half of the excitement of a win for many dancers is making their parents proud.



Photo Credit: Alexa Crisa

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