First-time regional Irish dance champions - PHOTOS


Western Canada Regional Irish Dancing Championship Parade of Champions VIDEO

Top 5 Southern Region Irish Dancing Championship Results

For all but the youngest age groups, these dancers have also qualified for the World Irish Dancing Championships.  The emcee calls out, "In Tenth Place..." and the competitor number, full name and dance school are announced to great applause.  One by one, the placements are taken until the Top Five are left.

Alexis Farnsworth, Girls under 11
2011 Western United States Regional Irish Dancing Champion.
Photo courtesy Acadamh Rince.
Eric Crone, Boys under 9
2011 Western United States Regional Irish Dancing Champion.
Photo courtesy Tir Conaill (Arizona).

Sisters Deirdre and Maeve Smith, Girls under 12 and under 8
2011 Western United States Regional Irish Dancing Champions.
Photo courtesy Olivia Griffin.

There are usually great embraces and stoic handshakes among the finalists between announcements and the group left standing grows closer together and smaller still, some dearest friends and dance classmates. Occasionally a finalist is seen checking his or her competitor number to make sure it wasn't yet called... and then, there is the moment when the Second Place winner is announced and the crowd goes wild as the new or defending regional champion is announced.  The dancer's teachers approach the podium and it is remarkable in all the excitement that they make a point of shaking the hands of the other top dancers before moving to the center to congratulate their champion.

Martin Bradshaw, Boys under 15
2011 New England Regional Irish Dancing Champion.
Photo: Photography by Harrington

It's a Tie! Boys under 8 Co-Champions Peter Mildrew and Davin Poe
2011 Southern Regional Irish Dancing Champs.
Photo: Shamrock Photo

These celebratory moments are the impetus behind some of our favorite photographers' best work.  Special thanks to official event photographers Tom Gregory of Shamrock Photo and Scott Harrington for sharing their images with us.  Visit their sites to purchase and enjoy!


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