Exclusive interview: 'Prometheus' star Michael Fassbender talks sci-fi


Asked if Bowie was an inspiration for his character he says yes. “I’m a massive Bowie fan, he’s a total original,” he says.

Meanwhile, Fassbender says he tries to get over to Ireland as often as possible, where his parents own and run the West End House Restaurant in Killarney.

“I go as much as I can. I didn’t get back until Christmas this year. Usually I try and get back three times a year or so,” he says.

“I’ve been dragging the old country with me wherever I am and I try and get back when I can. I haven’t been working as an actor since last July; Prometheus was the last job I took. I thought after that I’d take some time off.”

Fassbender has admitted he’s reluctant to lose himself to the one industry town of Los Angeles, or to project after project, hence the time off.

Instead he has focused on upcoming projects, which include his third collaboration with director Steve McQueen in Twelve Years A Slave, a story about a married man from New York who is tricked and sold into slavery that also stars Brad Pitt and newcomer Benedict Cumberbatch.

“I’ve spent a lot of time with Irish writers this past year. Any time I came back I would grab two or three days with them and try to develop scripts from the ground up. It’s actually been very exciting and I’ve enjoyed that,” he says.

One project dear to Fassbender’s heart involves brining the Irish myth of Fionn mac Cumhail to the big screen.

“I have always loved that myth. I’ve always thought if there was any way I could make something like that happen and tell the story I was going to do it,” he says.

“It’s something I’ve been thinking about for many years, and now I’m in the position where that’s something feasible. So yeah, that’s something that’s happening. I’ll be playing a producing role in it too and working with Ronan Bennett (the award winning Irish novelist).  I’m very excited about that.”

First though, movie fans should book their tickets to see the jaw-droppingly spectacular, scary and strangely though provoking Prometheus. The question Fassbender’s fans will want to know is, will he sign on for a sequel?

“I would love to come on board again with Noomi Rapace (who plays the young scientist Elizabeth Shaw) and Ridley,” he laughs.

When the film opens on June 8 you’ll understand why that’s very good news.

Prometheus - Official Trailer