Exclusive interview: DWTS ‘Tristan Mac Manus taking fame in his stride


Nancy Grace and Tristan MacManus to waltz the night away in 'DWTS' - VIDEO


Speaking of his Irish accent -- Grace told him he sounded like a leprechaun on the first show -- MacManus said a lot of people had problems understanding his lilt at the beginning, but people are “finally getting used to it.”

On his relationship with tough-as-nails television host and prosecutor Grace, MacManus said, “Yes, we get on great. She is great.  She works very hard and really wants this. I’m very happy with her and things are going well at the moment.”

And it’s imperative that they do get on because Grace and MacManus spend seven days a week together rehearsing for the following week’s show.

“It’s pretty intense at the moment but we really have to put the time in,” he said.

Grace and MacManus made headlines across the country last week when it appeared that she had a wardrobe malfunction -- part of her breast came out of her dress for a split second.

“I had no idea it had happened to be honest, my attention was no where near there so I don’t know,” he laughed when asked about the incident.

On Monday night’s show they performed a waltz inspired by Grace’s husband and twins, but the judges were underwhelmed and gave them a score of only 21.  Therefore, they’ll have to rely on their fan base even more in order to continue on in the competition.

On the challenges of a new dance each week, MacManus said they are all difficult.

“Every week it’s something new so we just take it as it comes, embrace it and hope for the best,” he says.

Although home is always where the heart is, MacManus hasn’t been back in Wicklow for Christmas in years.

“I’ve been on tour so much up to this, but this year I’m looking forward to spending some time at home over the holidays because my schedule with this show will allow it,” he said sounding genuinely excited.
In the meantime, his family is due to visit him next week in LA to see him dancing live on television.

“The support from Ireland has been great too, so I’m thrilled,” he said.

Before being rushed off the phone to start his rehearsals with Grace, MacManus made sure to thank all his Irish and Irish American supporters.

“Thanks so much for the support and votes. Keep it up and we’ll continue to try our hardest,” he said.

When MacManus’s rehearsals came to a close on Friday he was whisked off to various other interviews and back to the studio for a wardrobe fitting for Monday night’s show.

“It’s all go all right, but I wouldn’t have it any other way,” he said.