Dream come true for Irish make-up artist to the stars in New York City


“I thought to myself, I am Aidan from Cabra in Dublin, here on Madison Avenue in New York City, and doing what I really enjoy the most.

“It all made sense. My reasons for leaving Dublin had been validated.”

Does Keogh think Irish women beat their American counterparts when it comes to make-up? He offers some insight into different cover-up habits they each possess.

“Some Irish women like makeup, they like to see it and know that it is there,” he says.

“American women prefer not to see it is there, but both know the importance of perfecting and enhancing.

“Although, having three sisters you learn that everything is not for everyone. My youngest sister loves makeup, and the others appreciate that it can be used as a tool and not as a crutch,” Keogh says.

Does the Irishman ever plan to move back to his hometown of Dublin? He hasn’t ruled it out and admits a summer house would be nice. But for now the bright lights of New York hold him captivated.

“I have a large family that just keeps growing so who knows, but for right now I have so many amazing things going on for me.  I am busier than I've ever been, my client list is growing and the work keeps on flowing. If it's not broke don't fix it,” he says.

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