Director insists U.S. audience will ‘get’ Brendan Gleeson’s ‘The Guard’- SEE VIDEO & POLL


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“The Guard” tells the story of Sergeant Gerry Boyle played by Brendan Gleeson, who is an unorthodox Irish policeman who becomes committed to busting a drug cartel in his sleepy rural town. 

The movie received critical acclaim at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival.  With the movie’s imminent release in the U.S., director John Michael McDonagh insists the thick Irish accents will not be lost in translation.

"I thought it played pretty well in Sundance -- people seemed to get it," McDonagh said after the movie was screened at the Berlin Film Festival.  "I think mostly it's the first 10 minutes -- people get their ears used to the actors.

"We're used to American movies with people talking from New Jersey and the deep South and we have to get used to their accents, so I don't see why they shouldn't get used to ours."

The plot centers around Gleeson’s character, whose habits are odd and accent is thick.

McDonagh points out that the humor of the film pokes fun at everyone, be it English, American or Irish.

"If Boyle only attacks one segment of the people, it won't really play. He has to be an equal-opportunity misanthrope I guess, because if you attack everybody no one can come back and say this or that about you."

READ MORE- Irish movie “The Guard” gets U.S. release after Sundance hit