Competing in Irish Dance - Packing for a Feis


1. some kind of sugar or quick carbs for when they need some energy-- all kids of things were listed
~Mints (altoids, etc) -the natural mints have peppermint which is good for nervous stomachs too
~Red Twizzlers
~non-staining (Always thinking about those costumes) small hard candies
~Dried fruits
2. Some kind of protein bar- My kiddo needs non-soy, so have recently found Larabars
3. WATER!! My kids always pack some kind of drink in their shoe bag, so this water is Mom's
4. Small snacks-- we always make sure that if there are carbs, that there are proteins as well, so cheese and crackers, jerky. Others like granola bars, trail mix, carrot sticks, apples, juice, and peanut butter crackers. Everyone does their own thing. Just make sure to make it light, easy to pack, and not hard on possibly nervous stomachs.

Now, put all your smaller bags into your larger bag, and voila! You have a well-organized feis bag! Having one packed is one way of preparing for a feis. Having a feis bag helps a mom be the best support person she can be to her Irish dancer. Being prepared helps everyone have a calmer, positive feis day experience.

As a disclaimer, this list is from a "boy Irish dancing mom" perspective, so for girl dancers, there are a few additions and subtractions to this list. Also, this list is definitely the SUPER complete list. Not everyone is going to need all of these things and some will need more.

Some of the other ideas for additions from moms of Irish dancing boys on the Moms to Reel Boys group were: Heating pad, beach towel for doing stretches on, an extra undershirt/ belt/ tie, power cords/ chargers for MP3s, Cell phones, hand-held video games, etc. I'd personally add a good book for down time.

One momma's recommended addition to the bag that I think is absolutely genius is to have a clipboard with attached pen or pencil with stage schedule, maps, extra paper for jotting down new friends' Facebook or e-mail contact info, etc. This would be great as a hard surface and a handy place for paper-related things.

There are still many feisanna this summer. Pack your feis bag well. Feel free to comment if you have other things you pack in your feis bag that we didn't think of.
Good luck to all the dancers!!

Happy feising!!