Colin Farrell and Chris O’Dowd talk family friendly slapstick run in 'Epic' - VIDEO


“I love nature and I have a very nice back garden, whether I’m home in Dublin or the West Coast,” he says.

“I just did a film up in Northern Ireland by a lake called Lough Erne in Co. Fermanagh, which is beautiful, and seeing the nature there was just wonderful. And there are so many things that I believe in that I can’t see, like compassion and kindness and the emotional life of people.” 

He pauses. “You can light your candles now please and assume the lotus position now,” he adds.

Although 'Epic’s' storyline is occasionally marred by too many loose ends, there’s no question that it presents a deeply magical world certain to appeal to kids. The whole point of the film, director Wedge explains, is to get kids who are wired to their smart phones and the Internet outside into their backyard and into the natural world, where real adventures await them.

“You see kids grabbing their cellphones now because they’re distracted by them, and we all are,” says Seyfried. 

“We used to be different. I was different growing up, and I think this movie brings us back to the wonders of nature and what we have all around us that we forget about.”

O’Dowd arches his eyebrow and says, “The point is, cellphones are great.”  Farrell follows that with, “My three year old never borrows my cellphone because he has his own.” 

These two are an Irish comedy act and the world’s their stage.

In a rare moment of seriousness, O’Dowd reveals that he didn’t write most of his character’s jokes. 

“Ninety percent of the jokes were scripted and then I had to leave the country due to some issue. They dropped the charges; it’s not even a thing anymore. It was fine. Don’t print that.”

'Epic' opens nationwide on May 24.