Celebrating Thanksgiving Irish American Style


"My husband kept suggesting we have a soup course at dinner and I kept telling him that is not really how my family does Thanksgiving. The only real challenge we had was finding some of the ingredients in the shops here, and of course converting the recipe measurements. And we also have a terribly small oven, so my husband makes ham instead of the Thanksgiving staple, turkey.

"Fortunately, Fallon and Byrne, which is kind of like an American-style grocery store, opened in Dublin about a year ago, so we were able to find a few things we needed there. They even sell canned pumpkin to make pumpkin pie which is very exciting.

"Although, I have to say most Irish people do not seem to keen on eating pumpkin. Good thing everyone is open to eating everything else!

"So, as I said, we have everyone over around 4 p.m. (that's the time my family would eat at home) and I try to put some sporting event on the television in the background (in place of an American football game), and this year I requested that everyone wear a holiday sweater for kicks and pretend to speak in an American accent (though the latter did not last).

"After dinner we drank quite a bit and played board games. We just tried to incorporate quintessential aspects of American culture, I guess. I suppose in a way it's what our guests were hoping for and it made me happy even though it's cheesy."