California Spring Feis 2011 Open Champion Results

Olivia Griffin, Ryan Rob, Sophie Beirne and Carly Reger enjoy themselves at the California Spring Feis 2011! Photos by Olivia Griffin and friends

California Spring Feis
May 29-30, 2011
South San Francisco, CA
Hosted by the Murphy Irish Arts Center
Results tabulated by FeisWorx - visit

Open Championship under 11
1 Behrens, Katja (Celtic Steps)
2 McCallum, Jesula (Penk-O'Donnell)
3 McBride, Katie (McBride School)
4 Castillo, Hannah (O'Sullivan Academy of Irish Dance, CA)

Open Championship under 12
1 Betz, Maegan (O'Sullivan Academy of Irish Dance, CA)
2 White, Erin (Dillon Moore Academy)
3 Rizza, Kestra (Dillon Moore Academy)

Open Championship under 13
1 Heller, Sara (Claddagh Western U.S.)
2 Grogan, Maggie (Whelan-Kennelly Academy of Irish Dance)
3 Armstrong, Erin (Cleary Irish Dance)
4 Taulli, Emma (Kelly School)
5 Kazemi, Arianna (Greene-Comerford School)

Open Championship under 14
1 Reger, Carley (Butler-Fearon-O'Connor)
2 Byrne, Devin (Butler-Fearon-O'Connor)
3 Payne, Moriah (O'Sullivan Academy of Irish Dance, CA)
4 O'Connor, Meghan (Cleary Irish Dance)
5 DeAngelis, Noelle (Kelly School)

Open Championship under 15
1 Probert, Amanda (Claddagh Western U.S.)
2 Beirne, Sophie (Butler-Fearon-O'Connor)
3 Grey, Jake (Comerford California)
4 Curcelli, Cristina (Comerford California)
5 Brennan, Shaye (Butler-Fearon-O'Connor)
6 Huguet, Makenzie (Dillon Moore Academy)
7 Barr, Emily (Celtic Steps)
8 Wise, Morgan (Comerford Oregon)

Open Championship under 16
1 Weinstock, Isobel (McBride School)
2 Ryan, Sarah (Butler-Fearon-O'Connor)
3 Colvin, Shannon (O'Connor School of Irish Dance)
4 Geasa, Annie (Dillon Moore Academy)

Open Championship under 17
1 Ostiller, Ryan (Butler-Fearon-O'Connor)
2 Greco, Claire (Healy School)
3 Hays, Tina (Greene-Comerford School)

Open Championship under 18
1 Lopez, Tori (Comerford California)
2 Stewart, Emily (O'Connor School of Irish Dance)
3 Guyle, Kaitlyn (O'Connor School of Irish Dance)

Open Championship 18 & Over
1 Griffin, Olivia (Butler-Fearon-O'Connor)
2 Brimhall, Kinsey (Comerford Oregon)
3 Andersen, Alicia Aileen (Clarkson)
4 MacSweeney, James (Whelan-Kennelly Academy of Irish Dance)
5 Goldes, Daryl (O'Connor School of Irish Dance)