Buffalo Feis 2011 Champion results

The Irish Cultural & Folk Art Association of Western New York hosted the 46th Annual Buffalo Feis on June 4, 2011, at the Agri-Center in Hamburg, New York. Congratulations to Mary Kay Heneghan, Jim Brennan, the committee and volunteers for another successful event!

Congratulations to all who placed, especially those with perfect 300 scores: Grace Frederick PCu10 from Rince na Tiarna, Kristin Przybyla PCu18 from Woodgate-Shamrock, Emily Marino OCu10 from Rince na Tiarna, Erin Lynch OCu16 from Rince na Tiarna, Mary Katherine Kulp OCu18 from Clann na Cara!

Champion-level results were expertly tabulated by FeisWeb (Alan Schrader with assistance by Katie Quinlan):

Preliminary Championship Boys and Girls under 8 and under 9
1 Heather Buller (Woodgate/Shamrock)
2 Joe Marino (Rince na Tiarna - "RNT")
3 Rachel Mintz (Ni Fhearraigh-O Ceallaigh - "NFOC")

Preliminary Championship Boys and Girls under 10
1 Taryn Costello (Woodgate/Shamrock)
2 Sydney O'Hara (Butler Fearon O'Connor - "BFOC")
3 Kaitlyn Buller (Woodgate/Shamrock)
4 Hayley Bowdery (NFOC)
5 Mackenzie Margaret Mosco (Burke-Conroy)
6 Cody Hoctor (Johnston)
7 Marilena Mohan (Doyle)

Preliminary Championship Boys and Girls under 12
1 Casey Borrelli (MacConmara)
2 Kaylee Manning (NFOC)
3 Gillian Whelan (NFOC)
4 Lauren Lozier (Goggin-Carroll)
5 Shannon Quinlan (RNT)
6 Paige Mackintosh (Goggin-Carroll)
7 Mary White (RNT)
8 Sydney Goan (NFOC)
9 Brigid Kennedy (Clann na Cara)
10 Meghan Loftus (Drumcliffe)

Preliminary Championship Boys and Girls under 13
1 Liam Kenny (NFOC)
2 Olivia-Lee Ramundi (Gilchrist-Canavan)
3 Alycia Buller (Woodgate-Shamrock)
4 Kiera Baron (Goggin-Carroll)
5 Chloe Bishop (Gilchrist-Canavan)
6 Rima Moussalli (Fay-Healy)
7 Meaghan Fitzpatrick (Doyle)
8 Kallie Hodgkiss (MacConmara)
9 Kerry McCann (Goggin-Carroll)
10 Taylor Anderson (NFOC)

Preliminary Championship Boys and Girls under 14
1 Meghan Henry (Goggin-Carroll)
2 Erin Loftus (Drumcliffe)
3T Baylea Johnson (RNT) and Siera Rogers (RNT)
4 X. Patrick Dzielski (O'Sullivan)
5 Kelly Palamar (Young)
6 Rachel Nixon (Woodgate/Shamrock)
7 Annie Pendlebury (NFOC)
8 Jessica Hardner (RNT)
9 Katrina McCollum (RNT)
10 Adler Papiernik (RNT)
11 Maggie Rustowicz (McCarthy)
12 Julia Cousins (Goggin-Carroll)

Preliminary Championship Boys and Girls under 15
1 Caitlin Wolf (Bell)
2 Shannon Sinclair (Woodgate/Shamrock)
3 Emily Kollar (Burke)
4 Alexander Pratt (Brady-Campbell)
5 Hollie Mocsiran (Murphy Irish Arts)
6 Emily Jaeger (BFOC)
7 Katelyn Knoll (RNT)
8 Kayleigh Ann Stack (Clann na Cara)
9 Elise Bishop (Gilchrist-Canavan)
10T Brittany Richardson (Francis) and Stephanie Quance (Gilchrist-Canavan)

Preliminary Championship Boys and Girls under 16
1 Callie Scott (Cannon)
2 Nicole Finch (Gilchrist-Canavan)
3 McKenzie Cantlon (Rochez)
4 Sara Volo (Boland)
5 Stephanie Praill (Cornell)
6 Megan Tinklepaugh (Clann na Cara)
7 Madison Carter (Boland)
8 Courtney Moloney (Woodgate/Shamrock)
9 Delaney Hassell (RNT)

Preliminary Championship Boys and Girls under 17
1 Sierra Barrett (Woodgate/Shamrock)
2 Kaitie Bradley (Bell)
3 Erica Miller (Young)
4 Hannah McGrath (O'Sullivan)
5T Maura Bobak (McCarthy) and Erin Quinn (O'Sullivan)

Preliminary Championship Boys and Girls under 18
1 Kristin Przybyla (Woodgate-Shamrock)
2 Victoria Leahy (Goggin-Carroll)
3 Veronica Arnott (Woodgate-Shamrock)
4 Anne Marie Cahill (Murphy Irish Arts)
5 Alivia Roscoe (Woodgate-Shamrock)

Preliminary Championship Men and Ladies 18 & Over
1 David Scheloske (Bell)
2 Alicia Sewell (Kelly)
3 Samantha Miller (Young)
4 Brenna McCabe (McCarthy)
5 Caitlin Mercer (Faherty DeMenezes)
6 Brooke Little (McMahon)

Open Championship Girls under 9
Three Way Tie for First Place
Clare Molony (BFOC), Kiera Kenny (NFOC) and Molly Kate-Brooks Smock (Drumcliffe)

Open Championship Girls under 10
1 Emily Marino (RNT)
2 Danielle Batz (Clann na Cara)

Open Championship Girls under 12
1 Julia Marino (RNT)
2 Shauna Deery (Woodgate/Shamrock)
3 Julia Kilroy (Burke)
4 Erin-Louise Reynolds (Woodgate/Shamrock)
5 Emma Tomlinson (BFOC)
6 Emily McEwen (RNT)
7 Benet Avery (Gilchrist-Canavan)
8 Heather Hudson (BFOC)
9 Lillian Pich (Woodgate/Shamrock)
10 Isabella Simms (Goggin-Carroll)

Open Championship Girls under 14
1 Fiona Dargan (RNT)
2 Moira Lumsden (Burke)
3 Brynna McVittie (Woodgate/Shamrock)
4 Hayley Pereira (Goggin-Carroll)
5 Leiden McMurray (Gilchrist-Canavan)
6 Rebecca Flanagan (Johnston)
7 Colleen Augello (Johnston)
8 Julia Silano (Goggin-Carroll)
9 Nieve Robinson (Goggin-Carroll)
10 Katie Roszyk (Broesler)
11 Aemile Donoghue (RNT)
12 Laura Campeau (BFOC)
13 Jade O'Hara (BFOC)
14 Shannon Johnson-Anderson (Johnson)
15 Laura Ryan (Goggin-Carroll)
16 Hailey Bicknell (Carle)

Open Championship Girls under 16
1 Erin Lynch (RNT)
2 Claire Gallibois (BFOC)
3 Merry Jo Devine (Johnston)
4 Justine Bongers (BFOC)
5 Amanda Macdonald (NFOC)
6 Camille Slaght (Gilchrist-Canavan)
7 Niamh Bryson (Woodgate/Shamrock)
8 Brianna Adams (Francis)
9T Grace Eichenlaub (Bell) and Brianna Robinson (Goggin-Carroll)
10 Audrey Hutton (Burke-Conroy)
11 Siobhan Alexander (BFOC)

Open Championship Girls under 18
1 Mary Katherine Kulp (Clann na Cara)
2 Sarah Paterson (Gilchrist-Canavan)
3 Madeline S. Follis (Gilchrist-Canavan)
4 Joanne Jamestee (Goggin-Carroll)
5 Heidi Daly (Woodgate-Shamrock)
6 Emilie Corcoran (O'Donnell)
7 Jacqueline Boutilier (Goggin-Carroll)
8 Hayley Smock (Drumcliffe)
9 Elizabeth Marince (Bell)
10 Elizabeth Al-Jbouri (NFOC)

Open Championship Ladies 18 & Over
1 Brittany O'Reilly (Drumcliffe)
2 Naomi Marsh (Goggin-Carroll)
3 Rebecca Stewart (Goggin-Carroll)
4 Courtney Lussier (Boland)
5 Sarah Jamester (Goggin-Carroll)
6 Shannon Graves (McCarthy)
7 Ellen O'Malley (Gilchrist-Canavan)
8 Katie Jamieson (Drumcliffe)

Open Championship Boys under 14
1 Nyles Church (Reaney)
2 Aaron Wolf (Bell)
3 Lee Tanner (Gilchrist-Canavan)

Open Championship Boys under 16
1 Gannon Connors (Clann na Cara)
2 Michael Dunning (Drumcliffe)