Book review:"The Little Book of Inspiration for Irish Dancers" by Sean Connolly - VIDEO


The Little Book of Inspiration for Irish Dancers
by Sean Connolly

Sean Connolly released The Little Book of Inspiration for Irish Dancers in February of 2012. Though he is not a dancer himself, Connolly touches the lives of many Irish dancers around the globe through inspiration and coaching.

In the same vein as the Chicken Soup for the Soul books, Connolly's new inspirational little book will encourage and lift any Irish dancer's heart. With advice on practicing, goals, persistence and positive mental attitude, The Little Book of Inspiration for Irish Dancers is a must have for Irish dancers of all ages.

Though small in size, Connolly's inspirational book offers large advice, "When you retire from dancing all you will have are the memories. You do not want to look back at a past full of regrets and failings due to fear, stress and worry. Make these memories full of excitement, fun and of a dancer who always did their best" (pages 20-21).

Not only are Connolly's words encouraging, but they offer motivation for change. "If you want a different result, you are going to have to do something different," Connolly says on page 43. "Why not start with something that costs nothing, but could give you just about everything, and that is a new way of thinking."

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