Adult-friendly Irish dance feiseanna for February


Adult Irish dancers demonstrating ceili dancing
photo credit: Ainemcg/flickr
Many feiseanna offer competitions for adult Irish dancers.  Here's a quick glance at feiseanna that are friendly to adult Irish dancers in February.
Plan on supporting a feis in your area that includes adult Irish dancers and keep an eye out for those feiseanna who are offering slow speed dances for adults. 

Key: FF-first feis B-beginner, N-novice, PW-prize winner, O-open championship

Heart of Texas Feis 2012
Houston, TX - Feb 4, 2012
McTeggart Irish Dancers of South Texas

B1/B2, N/PW

4 soft shoe
2 hard shoe, slow speeds are offered for adults
2,3,4,6,8 hand
specials: traditional set

Mall Of America Feis 2012
Bloomington. MN - Feb 4, 2012 to Feb 5, 2012
O'Shea Irish Dance

B1/B2, N/PW

3 soft shoe
2 hard shoe, traditional speeds only
traditional set
8 hand
specials: music

Rince ISSS Championships 2012
Edmonton, AB - Feb 4, 2012 to Feb 5, 2012
Knock School of Irish Dance