A mighty wee craic - the Irish film fest / rock concert the Craic Festival is in its 13th year


After the short films the music starts, which depending on your take is the wind down after party or the main event.

This year the Dublin-based the Mighty Stef, an experimental rock and roll band, do the honors. Currently working on material for a redefining fourth studio album, they’re hugely popular with the Irish community already and a guaranteed sell out.

“This time we’re going back to our roots to keep the feeling of the event more intimate,” Mulligan says. “In recent years we’ve held events at huge venues and they were well attended but we enjoy the intimacy of smaller settings.

“Mighty Stef has played for us twice before and each time it resulted in sell out crowds and a great night out. I would expect they’ll sell out in advance, but if late comers show up they should aim for a 9:30 start.”

Arlene’s Grocery, the site for the screenings, has been a hipster hangout since 1996. Once upon a time it was a Puerto Rican bodega, which you can tell from the original awning, but it has long since become a performance space for theater, film and rock.

Bar R down in the Bowery is an edgy venue that’s crafted for good times. An unusual choice for the Craic Fest, it’s a reminder that the emphasis this time around is on fun.

So bring along some friends, make some new ones, feast your eyes on some of Ireland’s best new short films and enjoy music and drinks afterwards. It’s all part of the Craic.

For more information and detailed shorts films and music lineup contact the Wee Craic Fest at 646-549-1349. Advance tickets can be bought on Ticketweb.com.  The full lineup for the night can be viewed at www.thecraicfest.com