A Close encounter - exclusive interview with Oscar nominated “Albert Nobbs” actress Glen Close - VIDEO


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Another Irish star involved in the project -- and who may well score a Best Original Song Oscar for her efforts -- is Ireland’s unruly songstress Sinead O’Connor.
“For the theme song we just thought of Sinead,” says Close simply. “She seemed like the right kind of spirit for the film. At first we were told that she would cost a certain amount of money that was so beyond what we could pay. But then she saw the movie and all of a sudden we could afford her.
That was a huge gift from her.”
O’Connor was on tour in Europe when she recorded the track.
“She just went into a studio in Bucharest and her vocals were recorded over seven hours. She wrote that it took her that long because ‘I just had to get it into me bones,’” Close says, laughing uproariously.
“There’s just something raw and authentic about it.”
It must feel amazing, after 15 years of hard work, that Close finally got this film made, and made right.
“When you say that I get this feeling in my throat of elation,” she confesses. “After we finished it I felt this great feeling of closure because the Irish team had been so extraordinary. I have a great feeling of release to. Anything goes now, I’ve done Albert Nobbs!”
Albert Nobbs opens on Friday, January 27.

Here, watch the trailer for the upcoming 'Albert Nobbs':