Damian McGinty talks life after “Glee” and Cory Monteith


McGinty said his death came as a huge shock and that he still thought about the actor.

“I worked with Cory for 18 months,” he said. “My first two or three scenes on 'Glee' were with him, literally just me and him.

“He took me under his wing and was very polite and welcoming. He was understanding as to how difficult it was for me to walk into Hollywood, as this wee kid from Ireland, and go onto one of the biggest shows on television ever.

“I can’t say enough good things about Cory. He had a huge heart and was the big brother on the set, looking out for everybody.

“Even thinking about it now makes me so sad. He was taken away too soon."

Acting is something he says he won't rule out again but for the time being, he is happy to concentrate on his music.

"I've been plugging away on the odd television show, so we'll see what happens there," he says. "Music is certainly the focus for me. Of course, it would be silly after the experience I gained on "Glee," to throw it all away, but I'm not as passionate about acting as I am about music. Still, it's something I'd like to pursue in the future. It's just that right now, it definitely plays second fiddle to my music."

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