Bono has writer’s block delaying U2 album says report


The plan was for U2 to release a new album by summer, though a date was never officially announced and a tour by the end of the year the newspaper claims.

That is now highly unlikely due to Bono’s writer’s block the newspaper claims.

“There’s no new music,” said  a source “It’s easy to release a song, but not an album.”

A second source close to the band says, “It’s as simple as this — the album isn’t done.”

Billboard magazine had previously reported  “That magic that the band always seems to capture ... they have yet to capture it.”

The group has adopted the kind of high profile they did before other albums, winning a Golden Globe in January, performing in the first Jimmy Fallon “Tonight” show and showing up at the Oscars playing their Oscar-nominated song

“Ordinary Love,” their first new tune in three years.

But the delay in the album release has become evident. However, sources say it has nothing to do with disharmony among the group, merely creative problems finishing the music.

“No, no, no,  “It’s nothing like that — at all!” a band source told The News

Usually new albums come every four years but it has now been five since their last release. Long-time manager Paul McGuinness also stepped down but that is not related to the current issue says The Daily News.