Bob Geldof to lead tributes to tragic daughter Peaches at funeral service


Irish rocker Bob Geldof will pay tribute to a ‘wonderful daughter, wife and mother’ when he leads the funeral tributes to Peaches Geldof in England on Monday.
Family sources have told the Irish Sun that his oration will include a haunting echo of his speech at her wedding in the same church.
He first called Peaches a ‘wonderful daughter, wife and mother’ at her wedding to rock star Thomas Cohen two years ago.
Peaches Geldof was found dead last week and will be buried from the St Mary Magdalene church in Kent. The cause of her death is still under investigation.
The historic St Mary Magdalene church, parts of which date from 1153, was where Geldof married Peaches’ mother Paula Yates. Paula’s funeral was also held there in 2000.
Geldof and his youngest daughter, Pixie, 23, are expected to speak at the service.
A source told the Irish Sun on Sunday: “Bob and Pixie have both made the decision to make tributes to Peaches, which are expected to be really emotional.
“Bob wants his eulogy to echo his praise of her at her wedding. The pain that the comparison will cause him is not lost on anyone in their family, especially as he will 
stand in front of the altar where he gave her away back in 2012.
“Pixie also wants to say a few words if she feels able. But she has asked that this is left open in case she is too upset to speak.”
Husband Tom will have their young sons Astala, 23 months, and Phaedra, 11 months, by his side at the funeral.
Our source explained: “The decision to bring them was carefully considered, but is thought to be for the best as both sets of grandparents will help look after them.”
The insider added: “While it will be very difficult to cope with the emotions of all those memories, the family felt that it wouldn’t be right to hold her funeral anywhere else.
“They’re convinced she’d want to be remembered in a place that held so much happiness for her, while also having a strong connection to her mum.”