Kristen Stewart could play Snow White along side Charlize Theron and Viggo Mortensen – SEE VIDEO


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Universal has been showing huge interest in signing the worlds favorite damsel in distress, “Twilight’s”, Kristen Stewart to play Snow White in a new darker look at the fairytale “Snow White and the Huntsman”.

Apparently Universal had been looking at Saoirse Ronan, Kristen Stewart, Dakota Fanning and Riley Keough (Elvis Presley’s granddaughter) for the part as well as other unknown actresses. However, it seems that Universal keep coming back to Stewart to fill the role.

For the role of the Huntsman Universal had been looking at Tom Hardy and Johnny Depp as well as Michael Fassbender. However it seems that Viggo Mortensen is now in negotiations to play the role.

The role of the evil queen Ravenna has been picked up by Charlize Theron after Angelina Jolie turned it down.

The movie will be an updated take on the Brothers Grimm fairytale. It will follow Snow White after the evil queen calls upon the huntsman to kill her.

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