Colin Farrell to star in “Arthur and Lancelot”


Hollywood's fascination with ancient European myths shows no sign of abating.

This week we learn that Irish hunk Colin Farrell is apparently in talks to star in a reboot of the Camelot tale called Arthur & Lancelot.

Farrell is eyeing a role in the upcoming remake, but Variety is claiming he's undecided about which of the famous pair he wants to play.

According to a report in the Irish Independent this week director David Dobkin, who helmed Wedding Crashers and The Change-Up, will direct Arthur & Lancelot from his own script, but with plans to reinvent the two lead characters in a major departure from the legendary medieval tale.

'I pulled the legend apart. I only kept a few things. I kept certain characters, I recreated the entire launch of the legend and why it starts the way that it starts - I don't want to give away too much but it's always had a flaw,' Dobkin told the press.

'I will tell you this, the whole thing is wrapped around the birth of democracy as a concept and it's positing Arthur as the first man to say all men are created equal.'

Farrell - who was a sly hit in the remake of 80's horror flick Fright Night - will next appear in the eagerly anticipated Total Recall reboot with Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel.