Have a cup of tea Photo by: Photocall

Things that Ireland does better than the United States (PHOTOS)


Have a cup of tea Photo by: Photocall

Milk bottle legs, freckles, an allergic reaction to the sun, no race does pale and pasty like the Irish. A kin to this, no one does sunburn quite like the Irish too.

9. Breakfast

A full Irish breakfast with all the trimmings.

Perhaps the most unhealthy meal among the many Irish culinary delights. Traditionally it’s all fried on the pan, a good lean rasher, some sausages, black and white pudding, fried eggs and some baked beans. Served with lashings of Irish tea and toast smothered with Irish butter.

10. An Irish Mammy

Irish Mammys are the best --Brenda Fricker in My Left Foot

Saving the best until last. There is nothing like a good dose of an Irish mammy. Of course American Moms are great too, but no-one compares to the wisdom and wit that an Irish mother offers.

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