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If fiery redhead Maureen O’Hara was your beacon of beauty or you find yourself pining after Domhnall Gleeson in every movie you see him in, then look no further than new dating site, Redhead Dates, designed specifically to help you find a redhead of your very own.

Founded out of the success of UK-only site DateGingers.co.uk, Redhead Dates is now available throughout Europe, the US, Australia and Canada for those looking for the rarest of hair colors in their significant other.

“I think especially with modern day styles and fashions, and now that we’re going into winter, people really like the sort of pale complexions that usually do come with redheads,” Daniel Woolmer from RedHead Dates told IrishCentral, “especially with [the help of] celebrities and a lot of more powerful women.

“They’re really making a stand with their bright red hair and they’re not bleaching it or anything like that. They’re just standing proud with exactly who they are and what they stand for.”

What with the success of the growing worldwide movement encouraging people to embrace their red hair instead of viewing it as a reason for discrimination, RedHead Dates looks to build an international community and a comfortable, relaxing forum for people to interact without facing any threat of insulting, anti-red hair behavior.

“Nowadays, things are becoming more accepting and we’re pushing boundaries against discrimination and things like that so when you do open a dating site you see how many people are interested in those things that were also seen as cliche years ago,” Woolmer said.

“It’s quite an empowering thing to be able to do something like RedHead Dates because it's becoming more of an expression and people are expressing themselves through the way they naturally are.”

Members also need not worry about dealing with any wannabe Lotharios pestering them for no good reason as the site is specifically a hookup-free zone.

“This isn’t a hookup site. This is a site for people who are looking for love and looking for relationships,” Woolmer added.

“Sites nowadays are pure hookup sites so we’re trying to change that and actually bring love and passion back into things.

“With this forum, it’s a place where you can come, feel comfortable, meet people and get chatting, eventually go on a few dates and maybe even find the love of your life!”

Launched just four months ago, the site has seen big interest in the US with an almost equal number of men and women looking for love, but if you’re thinking of giving it a try yourself, they have some top tips to keep in mind while setting up your profile:

  • Include a picture. You’re ten times more likely to get a second look.
  • Dedicate time to completing your profile. It’s been shown that you are 20 percent more likely to find your perfect match if you let them know more about you.
  • Good news for women: response time is three times faster than for men.

And if you’re still on the fence about giving it a try, here are some not-too-subtle hints at why dating a redhead is the best.

1. Redheads actually have more fun


Just ignore the rest.

2. They stand out in a crowd

Image: Getty images.

Image: Getty images.

3. They tend to age well

Proof enough in Maureen O'Hara.

Proof enough in Maureen O'Hara.

Not only do people with red hair tend not to go gray as often but keeping their pale complexions out of the sun means they aren’t letting themselves suffer as much sun damage which can lead to skin-aging.

4. A redheaded man’s beard will actually match his hair color

Image: Getty images.

Image: Getty images.

Many men find those flickers and patches of red hair throughout their beards leading to a mismatched kaleidoscope of hair colors on their heads. Nothing to fear when your hair is already red.

5. You have something rare and beautiful

Image: Getty images.

Image: Getty images.

And every day you should thank your lucky stars that that recessive gene fought through.

If you want to give RedHead Dates a shot, you can set up an account for free at http://www.redheaddates.com/. With a free account you can create a profile, add a photo, search for people by state, create your favorites list and send unlimited winks.

To send and receive private messages, chat online with instant messenger, create video profiles and much more you can upgrade to full membership. The full subscription can be bought for $45.54 (£29.99) for one month, $30.40 (£19.99) per month for three months, $22.81 (£15) a month for six months or $19.01 (£12.50) per month for a year.

*Originally published in November 2015.