Top ten reasons you know you’re a lover of Ireland

Calling all Hibernophiles, or Emerald Isle lovers, you know who you are!

Hibernophiles are common in America – among the 40 million Irish Americans mostly – but do you qualify?

Take our test:

1. You have regularly faked an Irish brogue, starting as a kid.

2. You binge watch “The Quiet Man” around St. Patrick’s Day.

3. You daydream about living in the Irish countryside or Dublin.

4. You dream of sitting in an Irish pub with a Guinness.

5. You love to sip a cup of Barry’s Irish tea.

6. You constantly dreamt of having red hair.

A reader explains why redheads are here to stay.

7. You’ve seen “Riverdance” at least three times.

8. You think St. Patrick’s Day is more exciting than Christmas Day.

9. You’ve watched every Colin Farrell and Liam Neeson movie.

Irish actor, Liam Neeson, became real life hero by saving a dog in New York’s Central Park.

10. You actually have read a James Joyce book.

Got some others? Let’s hear them!