The best things about growing up in County Kerry

Tourists, wellies and Fungi the Dolphin the highlights of being a young ‘un in the Kingdom.

13. The Rose of Tralee.

Texas Rose Haley O’Sullivan (pictured) wins 2013 Rose of Tralee contest

Everybody now, “the pale moon was rising!”

The annual Rose of Tralee festival not only brought together people from across the county but lots of money to the community too, keeping the town alive and kicking!

14. Taking pride in your school band.

Going to school in Kerry meant taking up an instrument for your school band. And boy, did we take pride in that.

On St Patrick's Day, dressed in our uniforms, we'd head out in the parade with the full intention to win that coveted band prize from the local council.

'Fáinne Geal an Lae' was a particular favourite to play.

15. Heading to the Junior Cert disco.

And it was a foam disco!

The Junior Cert disco was the place where you'd almost be guaranteed to get a kiss (or two)... The start of your Coppers days.

16. Collecting Grandad from the local.

One of the old time favorite Teach Tabhairnes in Tralee was Quinlans pub – a real old school place – normally where my grandad would have been having the craic with friends.

Sure, where else would you get a great sense of community?

17. Everyone being up for a sing-song.

Whether it was in the pub, someone's house, at a trad session, on the school bus or even at a wake, we were mad for a sing-song in Kerry.

We're the kings of the trad sessions.

18. Ballyferriter races on the beach.

Braving the elements just to see a group of horses galloping across the beach?

Yes please!

19. The Sam Maguire being brought to your school.

I can't count the times that good old Sam was brought to visit everyone in my primary and secondary school. Year after year Sam would come back to its real home.

20. And finally... indulging in county pride.

As a Kerry child you were immediately a loyal fan of the GAA and immediately a rival of Cork.

If Kerry's in an All-Ireland final then about three-quarters of those tickets to Croke Park are going to be bought by the supporters – especially if the match is against Cork or Dublin.

No matter where you are in the world, as a loyal Kerry supporter you'll stay true to your county. The best fans.