Ten ways to cure Irish homesickness


7. Skype

Send a chat request to a buddy and have a face-to-face catch-up session. Staying in touch with home is the next best thing to being at home.

8. The Irish Repertory Theatre.

This off Broadway institution gives Ireland's own national theatre the Abbey a serious run for its money in the cultural relevance stakes. It's provides an unmatched introduction to Ireland's great drama and you'll be seated next to people who love Ireland and Irish literature as much as you do.

9. Make some spuds.

Delicious and simple style of potatoes dates back to the Irish famine and is now having a culinary revival.

Mashed potatoes, roast potatoes, colcannon, fried potatoes, and potato pancakes. Just make one or more of these dishes and you'll build a road right back into your childhood in Ireland. As well as being the worlds greatest comfort food the taste and satisfaction levels will

10. Learn to love your new home.

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Don't forget why you've decided to make your new home your new home. It's OK to be homesick now and again if it doesn’t go on for too long but remember that you've moved for a reason and that reason is just as important.