An Irish bar owner tells the Internet what’s what


The biggest problem with Guinness abroad isn’t the pouring technique (though I have seen some shameful examples) it’s the gas used to propel the stout from the cold room to the cooler to the tap. It’s a different type of gas that’s used from other beers. From what I’m told a lot of bars in the states use Lager gas to prope[l] Guinness, which messes with it.

How old is the building your pub is in and how long has it been there?

There has been a pub on these premises since 1710. It’s pretty old.

If someone wanted to buy you a drink, what would it be?

Anchor Small Beer. Or St Bernardos APT. Failing that a Powers Whiskey.

Can I come party with you?

The Thomas House. 86 Thomas Street. Dublin 8. Dublin. Ireland. Open from 5 every weekday and 2 every weekend. So of course you can come party with us.

What made you want to do an AMA?

No reason to be honest. Just for fun. Thought I might get a few replies. I did not think it would go as far as this. Front page on Reddit? Seriously? And not a picture of a retarded cat in sight.

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