McGuinness hopeful of U.S. investment


McGuinness scoffed at the efforts of dissident Republicans to capsize the peace process, and was assured they would fail.

“These groups are microscopic.  They have no substantial support within the Nationalist community and they don’t have the right to overturn the publicly declared will of the people of Ireland who want this peace process to succeed,” McGuinness said.

“It is totally unacceptable to turn around and look at the antics of people who look determined to bring British soldiers back onto the streets and villages of the North of Ireland.

“The big difficulty I have about people who are described as dissidents is that some of these people have the intelligence to know that there’s no prospect whatsoever of them overturning the will of the people of Ireland as declared in support of the Good Friday Agreement. They obviously know they don’t have the military capability to bring about an end to British rule in Ireland by military means. It raises the question for many people as to why they are doing what they’re doing.”