Global Irishman: Liam Casey’s borderless world


Work and pleasure are so synonymous to Casey that getting him to suggest anything else he might do with more time in the day was harder than expected. Finally, after a long pause, he offered, “I think I’m . . . disruptive by nature, so I’d be looking at, what can I break next, and what can we do better?”

There’s no way to know what the next disruption will bring, to Ireland, to China, or to your own front doorstep. I asked Casey to reflect on his own surprising course, from the farm in County Cork to his present-day mobile, global identity.

“It’s not a clean arc, there’s been a bit of meandering. To me it’s a journey, and often the journey is more fun than the destination.”

I thought again of the Pacific Coast Highway. 

“The longer you can keep the journey going,” Casey smiled, “the better.”

Originally published in 2010 Dec/Jan issue of Irish America Magazine