Top tools for a digital newsroom


8) Twitter Custom Timelines / Storify

Useful for stringing together key tweets and images to tell a story, Twitter’s new custom timelines save the clumsiness of screenshotting or embedding individual tweets. Storify does much the same thing.

9) Timeline JS

Timeline JS is an interactive timeline that can be embedded inside articles, or as a standalone feature. It’s great for illustrating the timeline of events, and easily allows you to add images, external links and videos. You don’t need to be a brilliant coder to use it either. Just upload your content following the detailed instructions provided, and grab the embed code.

10) NewsWhip Spike

Finally, we’d like to suggest our own content discovery platform, Spike. It tracks over 200,000 pieces of content everyday in real time. Ranking the stories that are performing strongest on Facebook and Twitter, Spike offers digital newsrooms a 360° look at the news that people are talking about and sharing around the world in countless categories. Try it for free today.

Please feel free to add any other tools in the comments below, or let us know on Twitter @newswhip


Reproduced on IrishCentral with permission from @newswhip.