Tom McInerney is a key Irish American influencer in 2014


Advice for budding executives:

Be serious at and about your work. If you don’t take your job seriously then no one else will. If you can’t take your job seriously and you are not engaged then this is not the right job for you. Leave.

If you’re not excited about your work then you are in the wrong job. Of course sometimes due to circumstances you will be unable to leave, family considerations etc. but you can improve your situation by approaching your job seriously.

Read voraciously in your field and outside. The more you know the more you will rise. If you are able to talk about everything from Plato to the Yankees in some conversations, this is far more impressive than technical shop talk.

To be successful in any field you have to have a basic understanding of technology. “In my case it was tabulating machines. I was the guy who was sent to work with now ancient tabulating machines in Citicorp Bank. I was the youngest guy there.”  

Know something of financials, take an accounting class. Be able to read a balance sheet and income statement. These are the nerve center of any business.

McInerney is a proud second generation Irish American, with roots in Clare and Cork. He lives in Connecticut with his wife Paula. He has five children. He is interested in the story of how the small island of Ireland with a population of four million has managed to play such an influential role in the world and particularly in the United States.

More recently he concedes he is “fascinated by the rise and fall of Ireland. I am proud of my Irish heritage. I am proud of my people. When the economy collapsed there was no complaining, as there was in many parts of Europe, Irish people knuckled down and got to work to fix things and they are coming back strong.”