U.S. firm set to create 60 jobs in Cork


Seattle company Big Fish is to set operations in Cork, creating 60 news jobs

A U.S. games firm is to open a new operation in Cork, creating 60 jobs.

The positive jobs news comes courtesy of Seattle firm Big Fish.

Most of the new jobs will be in customer service roles. News reports suggest that an Irishman, Oliver Coughlan, who was formerly the chief technology officer with O2, is understood to be involved with Big Fish.

As well as providing online games, Big Fish is also involved in game development, e-greetings, and a social networking site for game players.

The company works with more than 500 game developers and distributes over 1 million games to consumers per day, worldwide.

News of the jobs will be welcome in Cork, which has seen a number of factory closures in recent weeks, including the loss of 130 jobs last week at electronic components company Flextronics.




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