12 kitchen tips you need to know


9. Get Involved with Potato Wedges

Leave the bags of chips/fries in the frozen aisle of the supermarket. They have no place in your kitchen. Learn how to make a much healthier and tastier option using the fresh white potato and the red sweet potato.

10. Learn how to Make Roux Sauce  

Making a roux sauce without measuring ingredients is a useful skill to develop. Using your eye as a gauge takes practice, but stirring continuously to prevent lumps and perfecting your homemade roux is very satisfying. You’re well on your way to becoming the ultimate home cook. 

11. Love Your Spice Rack 

Herbs and seasoning are all used as the last minute ‘remedy’ for dishes that just don’t taste ‘quite there’. Often this last minute solution doesn’t quite work however a pinch of two of sugar might just hit the right spot. I love my spices and herbs, but make sure you use your salt and pepper with a light hand! 

12 . Learn to Properly Chop an Onion

There are very few savoury recipes that do not require a finely chopped (diced) onion. Learning how to chop it up correctly will speed up your prep time and in no time you’ll be like a pro.