About Us

IrishCentral is the largest Irish site in North America and covers news and interests, from the nostalgic and the modern Irish America and Ireland. Our team is dedicated to telling stories about Irish culture, roots, history, genealogy, and is a leading source for news and politics from Irish America and Ireland.

The site has 2 million unique visitors monthly and was created to cater to America’s second largest ethnic group, the Irish (39 million according to US Census figures) and the wider global Irish community of 70 million who claim Irish heritage. IrishCentral has a large and fast growing social following (120,000 Facebook fans as well as 150,000 newsletter subscribers).

IrishCentral is part of a 29-year-old media and events group that includes, Irish America magazine, Irish Voice (New York), IrishCentral (New York), and Irish Emigrant (Boston) newspapers as well as a suite of Irish American prestigious events such as Wall Street 50, Irish America Hall of Fame, Business 100, Legal 100, Education 100, and Irish Heroes of New England. Attendees at events have included President Clinton, Senator John McCain, Vice President Biden, Jean Kennedy Smith, Maureen O'Hara, and Liam Neeson among others.

Interviews have included Warren Buffett, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Edward Kennedy Supreme Court Justices John Roberts, and William Brennan.

Our website has a proud tradition of breaking news stories. When we launched in 2009 we exclusively reported on the tragic death of Natasha Richardson, wife to Liam Neeson. IrishCentral was also was first to report on the secret Bilderberg Group meeting in New York City which became a cover story about in Fortune magazine.

IrishCentral is the vision of founder and CEO Niall O'Dowd, who has been an advocate for the global Irish community for 30 years. IrishCentral has a proud history of social and community engagement that is driven by our founder.

Last year IrishCentral organized three days of action by the community across the north east after Hurricane Sandy where 1,000 volunteers showed up each weekend, supported by Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny, who flew to New York to witness the efforts.

O’Dowd was among the founders of the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform, which organized 10,000 people, from 34 states, to descend on Capitol Hill to lobby for reform in 2006. IrishCentral continues to report on these issues.

The site’s founder, O’Dowd, also proved a central player in ending 30 years of "The Troubles" in Northern Ireland, by involving Bill Clinton in the Irish peace process.

Headquartered in New York City with additional contributing writers around the US and in Ireland, IrishCentral is at the center point of major news announcements affecting the Irish community. Our editorial staff operates 24/7 to bring the latest in Irish news, politics, entertainment, sports, opinion, and craic to our readers.

If it's Irish, it's on IrishCentral!